(Producer of Air-conditioning Units)
Aras DamaSaz Co. is the first and only holder of Air-conditioner National Standard of Iran. Aras DamaSaz -as one of the subsidiaries of Amico Industrial Group and as the largest producer of air-conditioning packages in Iran(Aras free trade zone)- is known for two products of split and Window air conditioning units which are registered as Iranian products in ministry of Industry and mining.

Main features to be named for Aras DamaSaz products are as follows:
1-Utilization of Compressors produced by esteemed companies such as Panasonic,  Hitachi, Copeland and Bristol.
2-65 month warranty ( with no conditions) for compressors and 25 month warranty for the rest of the components.
3- Amico after sale services for 10 years all around the country, using the only modern network of after sale services for air-conditioners in Iran.
4-Capability of compressors in harsh conditions ( Super Tropical) and in temperatures up to +55 degree centigrade.
5-Capability of dual-use for heating and cooling.
6- Utilization of air purifier systems with micronized filters for dust and particles in air and for bacteria removal.
7-Capacity range of 9000 up to 41000 BTU.
8-Low noise unique design in window air-conditioners.
9-Remote control capability and digital fault detection system.
10-Dual Gold Fin.
11- Fullysautomatic production lines with cutting edge technology.
12- Benefiting from the most well equipped Calorimetry Lab in Iran with ISO 17025 Certificate from DAP Germany.

Acting as Partner Laboratory for Iran Institute of  Standard and Industrial Research  to perform  (ISO 5151 and ISO 6016) tests on  Air conditioners produced in Iran which also offers consultancy services  for capacity assessment  and development of heating, cooling and air-conditioning systems.